K7 - T.K.A

K7 -TKA:

Coming from the South Bronx in New York, TKA is known as a founding group in Freestyle music, with it’s to the original Latin Hip Hop inspired days in the New York Nightclub scene. TKA became an immediate hot making machine with hits “Scars of Love”, “Don’t Be Afraid”, “X Ray Vision”, “One Way Love” and “You’re The One For Me” all enjoying radio, dance and club Hits. “Maria” became TKA’s biggest hit, right before the creation of K7, who combined elements of the sounds of TKA, with an all new flavor and style, resulting in the hits “Zunga Zeng”, “Hi Di Ho”, and “Come Baby Come”. Music by K7


Trinere is a dance and pop music artist whose career pre-date what has become known as the Freestyle era in the music industry. She an artist who, unlike many of her Freestyle Dance Music burst onto the scene as a Florida based artist. Her music was mostly produced by the popular Miami based DJ, Tony Butler, whose combined skills resulted in the 1991 Trinere album “Forever Yours”, which released by the now legendary Pandisc Record label. The album was highlighted by the chart topping single “I’ll Be All You’ll Ever Need”, which originally hit the dance and Club music charts in 1986. The album also included Trinere’s actual first release from 1984, entitled “I Know You Love Me” , which gives Trinere credibility as a true pioneer of the sound of Freestyle Music.
Trinere recorded and released a classic list of chart topping Freestyle anthems, including the hits “Can’t Stop The Beat” “All Night”, “Can’t Get Enough”, “How Can We Be Wrong” , and a remake of the classic dance music hit, “When I Hear Music”, released in 1996.
Trinere maintains a properly earned place in the History of Freestyle Music.


The Cover Girls:

The Cover Girls have been a classic pop/dance group since the mid 1980’s whose glamour and beauty combines with musical talent has made them one of the most successful female groups of the Freestyle and Pop music era. In the more than 25 year history of the group, they have released multiple albums, sold millions of records, charted more than 10 singles on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles Charts, and have received international recognition. Their success has been seen all over the world, and has also been seen on national television network shows and MTV


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George Lamond:

The reigning “King of Freestyle”, George Lamond burst on the dance music scene with Columbia Records, and the full length “Bad of the Heart” album was released, it included the hits “Without You”, “Look Into My Eyes”, and his ballad with Brenda K. Starr “No Matter What”. Lamond’s second album, “In My Life”, featured Club hit “Where Does That Leave Love” and a remake of the Jackson Five’s “I Want You Back


Born Jeffrey Martinez in Jersey City, NJ, Freestyle legend, Soave has dominated dance charts all across the United States and overseas. Being a fan of Freestyle music since it first came out, Soave began singing professionally in 1989 and is best known for his first single, “Crying Over You,” produced by Owen “O.S.” Soba. Now, one of the Greatest Freestyle Songs of All Time, “Crying Over You” beca... See More.


Lil Suzy:

Lil Suzy has truly lived up to her stage name, as she first set foot on stage as a performer as an five year old in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York, and signed her first recording contract at the age of eight with the legendary Sal Albatiello’s Fever Records. When Suzy was 12 years old, she signed to Warlock Records and the single and video for “Take Me In Your Arms” was released , making her one of the youngest to attain status as a radio, club and music video star. Her next single “Falling In Love” was released in 1992, and it was included in her debut CD album “Love Can’t Wait” in 1999


In the annals of Dance and Pop Music History, the Canadian born group LIME has maintained a presence in the Dance and Freestyle Music scene for the longest amount of time, among all Freestyle Music Era artists. Formed in 1981 by the husband and wife team of Denis and Denyse LaPage, the LIME song “Your Love” was released as a dance music single, and was also featured in the 1982 movie “Summer Lovers”. During their time as an original Dance Music recording group, LIME scored several chart topping and radio mixshow standards such as “Unexpected Lovers”, “Angel Eyes”, “Your Love” and “Brand New Day” which was the last new LIME song to receive regular radio airplay, mix show exposure, and music video treatment. Although the original pair of LIME members stopped recording together, group founder Denis LaPage continued to produce and release LIME projects, using a variety of guest vocalists and producers. To this day, LIME continues to perform their classic hits, which helped transition the Disco era towards the classic sounds known today as Freestyle Music