This exclusive show, is a once in a lifetime intimate experience with the biggest stars in Freestyle Music. 


Lisa Lisa: debuted in the mid 1980’s as an innovator of the sound that became known as Freestyle, with her first release “I Wonder If I Take You Home”, which was followed by “Can You Feel The Beat”, a song that has been used as inspiration by many of today’s top recording artists. Along with Full Force, Lisa Lisa also scored a top ten hit with her ballad “All Cried Out”. Lisa Lisa’s sound began to evolve with a string of chart topping hits “Head To Toe”, “Lost In Emotion”, and “Let The Beat Hit ‘Em”, all making an impact in radio, club and pop chart play. Still active to this day, Lisa Lisa has managed to evolve with the times, and has also had a successful career as an actress with a prominent role in “Taina”, a series aired on Nicklelodeon. Whether as a Freestyle, Pop star, or TV, Lisa Lisa has made a lasting impression on a generation of fans throughout the world


Cynthia: began her Freestyle career with the encouragement of Freestyle Legend Safire, who convinced Cynthia to try out for New York’s Mic Mac Records, who released Cynthia’s first hit, “Change On Me”, which became a radio and dance chart hit throughout the United States. “Endless Nights”, “Thief of Hearts”, “What Will It Take” and “Love Me Tonight” were other songs released by Cynthia as she broke into the formats of many prominent radio stations throughout the States. Cynthia’s greatest success was the song “Dreamboy, Dreamgirl”, which became a chart topping hit. Cynthia also released hit songs on Robbins Entertainment, with songs “ Like A Star”, “If I Had The Chance” and “Thinking About You” keeping her on the dance music charts. 


C-Bank: Bringing their unique style and sound for a rare live performance, C- Bank has a legacy of classic dance hits, which helped to originate and popularize the sounds that fans came to know and love as Freestyle music. In fact, C-Bank might be credited with creating the beats, hooks and music that pre-dated Freestyle music, laying the groundwork for the legendary artists and sounds that make up the History of Freestyle Music.
The Classic Dance track “One More Shot” took dance radio and floors by storm, as it climbed the charts and the hearts of all who were falling in love with the new “Heartthrob” sounds, as fans and radio programmers were starting to coin the phrase to describe the instant classic by C-Bank “I Won’t Stop Loving You” was another anthemic song released by C-Bank during the early years of Freestyle. “Perfect” was another hit for C – Bank which described perfectly a sound that has remained in the pop and dance music memory banks of thousands of fans who will never forget the music of their lives

K7 - TKA

TKA/K7: Coming from the South Bronx in New York, TKA is known as a founding group in Freestyle music, with it’s roots going back to the original Latin Hip Hop inspired days in the New York Nightclub scene. TKA became an immediate hot making machine with hits “Scars of Love”, “Don’t Be Afraid”, “X Ray Vision”, “One Way Love” and “You’re The One For Me” all enjoying radio, dance and club Hits. In what was seen as a final tribute to Freestyle fans, “Maria” became TKA’s biggest hit, being released right before the creation of K7, who combined elements of the sounds of TKA, with an all new flavor and style, resulting in the hits “Zunga Zeng”, “Hi Di Ho”, and “Come Baby Come”. Music by TKA/K7 has been featured in a number of major motion pictures, and the group is as relevant now as they were when they first launched


george lamond new .jpg
George Lamond: The reigning “King of Freestyle”, George Lamond burst on the dance music scene with Columbia Records, and the full length “Bad of the Heart” album was released, it included the hits “Without You”, “Look Into My Eyes”, and his ballad with Brenda K. Starr “No Matter What”. Lamond’s second album, “In My Life”, featured Club hit “Where Does That Leave Love” and a remake of the Jackson Five’s “I Want You Back


Fast Eddie was one of the premier DJs of the early Chicago house movement. His talents earned him spots on WGCI and WBMX. During that period, he produced one of his first singles “Can You Dance”, circa 1986. In 1987, In 1988, Eddie scored one of his biggest hits with “Acid Thunder” However, it was the track “Hip House” that really established his career as a producer. Eddie popularized the genre of hip house.
He scored several hits on the US Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in the late 1980s and early 1990s, including “Git On Up” (featuring Sundance), which spent a week at number one in 1989, Later that year, he released “Make Some Noise”. Eddie made two collaborations that are considered under the genre of ghetto house. The first of these is titled “Booty Call” with DJ Sneak and the other is titled “Pump It” with DJ Funk. Both songs gained a lot of airplay on radio and in clubs.


Corina: Corina began her career as a dance music artist for Cutting Records, with her song “Out Of Control” introducing her to fans of a new sound that had been labeled as Freestyle music. The follow up to “Out of Control”, “Give Me Back My Heart”, exploded in the dance clubs and radio station charts, and led to her starring in the film “An East Side Story”, and a self titled album which included the hits “Temptation”, “Whispers”, and “Now That You’re Gone”. By then, Corina had also become a music video star, whose Bi-lingual Dance remake of Nocera’s “Summertime” dominated the dance music scene and returned her to the top of the charts.


Lisette Melendez: Born in East Harlem, USA, Lisette Melendez was the artist who introduced a vital component still in use in today’s dance music songs. With the release of “Together Forever”, produced by Carlos Berrios, the “Berrios Beats” became a constant presence in many Freestyle dance music hits, including the follow up to “Together Forever”, “A Day In My Life Without You”. Lisette introduced new chart topping sounds to the masses with her hits “Goody Goody” and “Never Say Never”, before returning to her Freestyle roots with “Time Passes By”, a song that was featured in the Fever Record Compilation “Freestyle Lives”. Lisette is also known for her national music fueled television campaign for Coca-Cola.


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“WHITE KNIGHT” Chicago Rap Star began his career aworking out of his Logan Square community and with some reknowned Chicago House Music Dancers, who would accompany him as he traveled the World wide performing his new brand of Dance/Rap music that came to be known as the Chicago Hip House. White Knight caught the attention of International Record Labels, who wanted to capture his live sound and distribute them to the masses. White Knight not only signed recording deals with a RCA/BMG, he was on the JIVE Records, which allowed classic hit “Yo Baby Yo” became a Hip House music anthem, as it was released and re-produced for several record labels around the world – it has become one of the most copied and sampled sounds in dance music in the past 25 years. White Knight has the distinction of having his song “Keep It Movin’ (Cause the Crowd Says So) featured prominently on the classic television show 21 Jump Street, Beverly Hills Cop and 60 min in addition and Coca-Cola that showcased the microphone and production skills has made him on of the founding fathers of Hip House Music around the globe.