Eddie B House "Loco Mix"

Mario Reyes 

Having a career that spans over 35 years, award winning and legendary DJ/producer Mario Reyes started in the height of disco, in 1977. Spinning at some of Chicago’s hottest dance clubs, such as Prime & Tender and the legendary Jenals. His mixing has been showcased on WCYC, WGCI, and on WBMX. In the early 80’s, he was instrumental in the development of the house sound of Chicago. Mario Reyes’ dance classics, “Whatever Turns You On” and “I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love” on DJ International Records, in the mid 80’s topped the charts worldwide.

Juan 2 Big Perez

Juan 2 Big Perez was born & raised in Chicago. . I am Most known for my freestyle music mixes and my DJ skills by moving the masses on the dance floor! When ever you head “that boy is big” in a mix, you knew it was yours truly the one & only Juan Too Big Perez!

Martin "Boogieman" Luna

DJ Boogieman is recognized among the most influential DJ pioneers of Chicago’s nightclub, radio and dance music industry. Today Boogieman continues to amaze dance music crowds with his live vinyl record turntable action and trendsetting music video DJ mixing performances. DJ Boogieman’s music and video mixes broadcast and stream live every week on a wide variety of TV, radio and internet shows.Boogieman is known
around the world as a DJ, producer, remixer and gold record ASCAP music artist with IMDb soundtrack film credits. DJ Boogieman has built a devoted following of social networks, event groups and fans from the hottest venues and A-List events where he performs his dyna

DJ Emanuel Pippin

DJ Emanuel Pippin a Little Boy grew up in the projects Dee Dee AkA As Dj Emanuel was @ the age 4 when I first feel in love with music listening to my uncle play sum of the best music and he always said that I would be a dj so this little boy grew up and start hanging around Dj Tony t & Dj Reg McClain and grew love Disco & House Music so I started djn my gramma skool parties 1983 and moved on to djn high skool parties and other parties in the projects (Robert Taylor & State Way Gardens) and when I became a freshman in high skool was picked up by a Good Guy Named Marvin Terry words of him (Emanuel pippin u r a SUPER BAD BROTHER AND U R 1 BAD AZZ DJ!!!) so he put me on a party at the ascot hotel and after that I took Off as this hot dj from the projects and Dusable High so then another brother by the name of JR.Dionte Hooked me Up On allot of parties 8th grade lunches and Grads parties so I moved on and started djn @ the hummingbird nite club, my house supper club,st.sabina,madina Temple,Mc cormick place, Club Music World, along With The Legendary Sam Chatman and the he put me on so many other parties and my Big Brother Joe Pippin & A Very Special Brother Mr. Paul Johnson Those are the ones who put me where im @ today Then I started @ the Warehouse Nite Club and Also I have Put Out Records Under The Name Dj Spooky On Relief Records & Trax Records Under The Name Emanuel after that I Became One of The Most Loved Djs In The HOUSE COMMUNITY And Still Is Rite Now Today I Love My City ( CHICAGO) And Always Will!!!!!! Just a Little Story Of Dj Emanuel Pippin Enjoy.....

Mr. Tony Technics

Mike 2 Smooth

“Mike 2 Smooth” since starting Dj’ing at the age of 11, Mike 2 Smooth has made a name for himself in his home city of Chicago as well as other parts of the country. From spinning house parties to then elevating to open up for some of the biggest names that come to town. Music has become a way of life. Also being a Record Label President, Coast 2 Coast Dj, as well as Power 92 mixmaster he always makes sure to give the crowd a show with smooth blends & flawless scratches. 3 time Dj battle champion & 30 mixtape titles under his belt labels him a artist in the craft & a showcase not to be missed.